Shine on Photons

Last year’s 40 Days for Life Post -Oct. 2013-

I have an advantage over most individuals who stand and pray outside our local abortion clinic. When I’m the lone vigil leader for any extended amount of time I’m not as disheartened as some may believe. The reason for my optimism are my daily reminders, prayers, and…emails. Yes, emails. For the past 60+ days it has been my job to eat, breath, and preach Fresno’s 40 Days for Life . However, I don’t do it alone. Our Lord is clearly with me in the form of an absolute amazing staff…and contacts nation wide. Although I do try and share the knowledge I acquire, on almost a daily basis, on a daily bases with fellow 40 Days volunteers sometimes it’s best to just have them read for themselves.

Reflection by Dr. James I. Lamb

“For centuries physicists debated the nature of light. Two theories surfaced. The “corpuscular theory” maintained that light consisted of particles emitted from a light source. This explained some properties of light, but not all. The “wave theory” stated that light emitted from its source as waves. Again, this explained some properties of light but not all. So, the debate continued. Did light consist of particles or waves?

In the early twentieth century, Albert Einstein answered the question-“Yes!” (And you thought Einstein was complicated!) He showed that light consists of “particles,” little bundles of energy called “photons.” However, when all of these photons zip along together, they behave as a wave.

Sometimes pro-life Christians can feel like a photon, a little particle of light, and we wonder if we can possibly make a difference in a world of darkness and death. The Bible, however, never talks about a “child of light” only “children of light.” When Jesus said in Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world,” “You” is plural. When you and I shine in the darkness, others shine with us. We are pro-life “photons” that form a wave of light that can and does make a difference in the darkness.

We are compelled to do so. Jesus hung and suffered on the darkness of the cross and paid the bloody price for our sins. Now the light of His empty tomb shines upon us through His Spirit cleansing us and declaring us “children of light.” But we are called to be more than “glow in the dark” children of light. We are to “walk as children of light” and take no part in the “unfruitful works of darkness.” But it does not stop with passive restraint. We “photons” are called to action, to “expose” the works of darkness.

40 Days for Life epitomizes this. Our prayer, witness, and truth spoken in love seeks to expose the darkness of death and bring others into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ. When we stand and pray, we never stand alone. The Light of the World is there and He joins you with your fellow “lights of the world.” The wave of light He produces shatters the darkness. It changes and saves lives. Shine on fellow photons!”

Michael Salinas
Executive Director, Right to Life Central CA

In His Service,
Michael Salinas