10 Days to Go!

Including today we have 10 Days left of 40 Days for Life Fresno. 

2014-10-11 07.08.59We have had over 250 people join us in prayer on the sidewalk from 45 different churches and 20 different cities in CA.  It has been a great blessing seeing everyone come out and demonstrate that the Pro-Life movement is here and alive. There is still time for everyone to come out and join us in prayer.  Please let us continue to increase these numbers and increase the blessings! Please continue to pray from home if you cannot come out. Your prayers are making all the difference. We have had a total of 386 lives saved world wide and 3 of those are from our campaign here in Fresno.  These are lives that we know of. We know God has saved many more lives thanks to our prayers.  Lets unite in prayer and finish STRONG! God Bless.

Marcos Espinoza

Right to Life Outreach Director

40 Days for Life Fresno Campaign Director